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SPRING to WINTER BEAUTY: Four Seasons Gift Set Scented Dusting Powder Shimmer Bronzer for Every Occasion in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter

SPRING to WINTER BEAUTY: Four Seasons Gift Set Scented Dusting Powder Shimmer Bronzer for Every Occasion in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter

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Four Seasons of Shimmer Bronzing Powder Bundle

Scented bronzing powders inspired by the four seasons. Each powder creates a radiant matte glow while capturing the essence of the season. Experience each season with a unique blend of colors and scents, capturing the essence of nature's most enchanting moments. Perfect for gifting or treating yourself, be ready to shine all year long! You will receive four dusting powders, each with 10 grams of product in an eco-kraft zero waste container, which includes a reusable powder puff.

•Small batch
•Vegan & Cruelty Free

Spring brings forth delightful PETAL POWDER, a mineral-infused bronzing powder crafted with real rose petals. Enjoy a subtle pink hue, reminiscent of blooming gardens, while being surrounded by the delightful fragrance of Lilac, Honeysuckle, and Balsam of Peru. Welcome the season of renewal with a rejuvenated and luminous appearance.

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with SANDS OF ALOHA bronzing powder, specially created for the Summer season. This shimmering pink powder unveils a youthful glow, as it envelopes you in the tantalizing scent of juicy coconut, pineapple, gardenia, jasmine, musk, and vanilla. Embrace the spirit of summer with luminous skin a tropical scent.

As the leaves turn golden, wrap yourself in the allure of autumn with ALL HALLOWS' BEWITCHING POWDER. This enchanting golden bronzing powder, infused with real Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger, captures the essence of crisp autumn air. Celebrate sweater weather by embracing the cozy and aromatic scents of fall.

Winter brings a touch of magic with mesmerizing SUGAR PLUM FAIRY DUST bronzing powder. Iridescent with a subtle violet undertone captures the beauty of frost-kissed cheeks, creating a whimsical and enchanting effect. Let the delightful scent of cherry, citrus, and rose whisk you away to a winter wonderland, where the possibilities are as endless as the snowflakes.

Remove the cover and upturn it like a bowl in which to shake a bit of the powder. Use the provided puff or your own make up brush of choice to collect the powder from the upturned cover and apply wherever you choose. Works very well as a finishing powder on the T-zone area.

*Eco Shaker Lids Are Fragile*
The shaker lids work great but are fragile, that’s the tradeoff for plastic free containers. The shaker portion of the container will cave in if excessive pressure is applied. The shaker lid cannot be removed. If taken off, it cannot be put back on again. If the shaker becomes clogged, use a safety or straight pin to gently remove debris, touching the shaker lid as little and as gently as possible*


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